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Maintenance and service of water chiller’s are very important, it not only increases the life span of your water chiller but also helps increasing the output and also lessen your electricity bills.

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There are many ways you can take care of your water chiller, we have explain how can you maintain some of the important parts and keep them in good conditions. But, it is advisable to take assistance of a well experienced and qualified water chiller technicians so that your coverage warranty terms and conditions are not tampered with.

We have been in this industry for a decade now and are providing top-notch maintenance services for the following water chiller part:

Water chiller compressor

The refrigerant levels of the system should be maintained properly. A compressor is an integral part of water chillers, without which the machine cannot function. Maintaining the normal level is essential because too low or high refrigerant levels can negatively influence the efficacy of the condenser. Moreover, the overall output will also remain affected due to leakage or moisture. So if you find any of the problems in your condenser, seek professional attention at the earliest.

Water chiller condenser

Condensers might be affected by rust or corrosion, or mold growth during the heat transfer process. Technicians will check the condensers thoroughly to find out traces of any of the mentioned problems. If a problem is detected, our technicians will take the necessary action. Usually, we recommend our clients to get maintenance services at least once a year.

Water chiller evaporator

The same logic applies to the evaporators too. Check out for leaks, incondensable elements, wet moisture, etc. Such problems can render it inefficient to deliver the desired output. Scan for these problems and seek professional help for better assistance and to keep your chillers in pristine condition.

Besides this, we also provide other services that you may take a look at:

Leak testing

Check for holes or leakages in your chiller systems so that your machines can work with 100% efficiency. If gone unnoticed, it will not affect the performance but will also impose a hazardous impact on health.

Chiller water treatment

Maintain the consistency of the chiller system – the ideal consistency is 12 FPS. It becomes difficult for the chiller to operate if the normal consistency is too high or low. This will not only affect the output but will also consume more energy.

As the leader in this industry, we would also like to share a few simple tips that’ll help you keep your chillers in pristine condition.

Try to keep a daily log of flow rates, temperatures, pressures, fluid levels, etc. It helps in diagnosing the health of your water chiller and will also assist the expert who is undertaking your Domestic, Residential, Industrial, or Commercial water chiller maintenance work. Last but not least, this is a simple yet effective way to keep your water chillers in great working conditions.

Due to our latest technology and visible digital read, you can maintain a daily log. It is advisable to maintain the records weekly to monitor the health of the water chillers installed on your premises.

All of the aforementioned services are done by our experts. We offer these services all over in UAE, Oman (Salalah, Muscat, Sohar, Nizwa, Barka, and Ibri), Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan, Yemen, and Sri Lanka.
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