Aluminium is an extremely versatile product used in various industrial and construction segments. Plain aluminium is prone to rust and corrosion. But with the right finish, you can extend its longevity and also prevent it from corrosion. As the leading mill finish aluminium coil manufacturer & supplier in the UAE, we provide three different types of aluminium coils: mill finish, pre-painted, and stucco embossed coils.

Mill finish is the natural finish- meaning to say that no surface finishes are applied after it comes out from the rolling machine. Ghosh Group is a leading ISO 9001:2015 certified company offering the best mill finish aluminium sheet price.

Mill finish aluminium has a natural colour i.e. a silvery appearance as no surface treatments are required are applied. However, it has marks of lines and extrusions which are quite visible. These manufacturing marks are permanent and evident. This raw aluminium can be further applied with coatings and paints. We can say that these coils are highly flexible regarding customization. Applications that do not require heavy protection can easily opt for these sheets as untreated aluminium. However, when exposed to atmospheric influences, it forms a layer of thin oxide film offering natural protection to the surface.

Extra protection might be needed depending on the climatic conditions of the location. Mill finish metals offer a huge advantage as it enables the construction companies to have a smoother operation with consistency. Ghosh Group mill finish aluminium sheets are known not only within the UAE but also in other countries because of the incredible features that we provide.

Specifications of our mill finish aluminium coils/sheets

Check out this specification guide for reference purposes. All sheets can be customized according to the requirements of the customers.

Item Detail
Grade As per ASTM B209
Alloys AA1050, AA1100, AA3003, AA3004, AA3105
Temper H14, H16, H24, H36
Thickness 0.40 mm – 2.5 mm
Width 1000 mm / 1220 mm / 1500 mm
Coil ID 508 mm
Polymer coating Polyester is the standard coating (For the top side, we offer 25 microns paint thickness i.e. 5 microns primer + 20 microns paint, and for the bottom side, we offer 5 microns primer + 7 microns paint). We also have PUPA and PVDF coatings so you can select according to your project needs.

Features of mill finish aluminium cladding sheets

Mill Finish aluminium sheet durability is one of the reasons why our sheets have a huge demand in a myriad of industries. Take a look at the features that we provide:

Lightweight and durable product

Our mill finish sheets are highly durable and lightweight. This facilitates quick installation and also saves a lot on labour costs. Moreover, our sheets help in smoother operation and help in saving a lot on financial, inventory, and energy costs.

Can be customized

These sheets have the capacity to be formed into multiple shapes and sizes. Also, the sheets can be made as per the dimensional requirements of the clients.

Wide scope of colours and textural effects

The best thing about mill finish aluminium sheets is that they can be coated with multiple colours, finishes, and textures. It adds an innovative look to the construction, as there’s a huge scope for recreating these coils/sheets with a wide range of colours and metallic finishes. Polyester is the standard coating that we use.

Anti-corrosive properties

Mill finish aluminium cladding sheets do not require any extra protective coating because these sheets develop a fine layer of oxide when it is exposed to environmental conditions. Hence, it has anti-corrosive and anti-rusting properties.

Applications of our mill finish aluminium sheets

Our mill finish sheets can be used in a wide range of industries like:

  • For insulation and production of corrugated profile sheets
  • Cold storage
  • Ice factory
  • Chemical and food handling
  • Heat exchanger
  • Electric
  • Packaging

Locations we supply

Because of huge applications and incredible features, our mill finish coils are known all over in the UAE, USA, Oman (Nizwa, Sohar, Ibri, Salalah, Muscat, and Barka), Saudi, Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq, Bahrain, Sri Lanka, Yemen, and Jordan.

We offer doorstep delivery of our products to all the aforementioned locations. All our sheets are inspected before it is finally shipped out from our factory. Hence, we assure you of the best quality and at the best mill finish aluminium sheet price.

Contact us

Please mail us your specifications at [email protected], and we shall get back to you within the shortest possible time. All the sheets are drawn and designed by our experts keeping in mind the customization choice of the clients.

For free expert advice and other general queries, you can reach out to our experts through WhatsApp at +971 503 034 002. For quick response and best price, kindly email [email protected] Kindly note, price won’t be disclosed on normal call.