If you want your pools to stay in pristine condition and perfect enough for swimming throughout the year irrespective of any seasons, seek professional repair and maintenance services from the leading swimming pool pump repair service in UAE.

Maintenance is an integral aspect of any kind of machine/system. As they are continuously working to maintain the right temperatures, it’s imperative to get it checked by our expert technicians. We offer the best rates all over the UAE and its Emirates.

Are you looking for the best swimming pool pump repair near me? Look no further. Ghosh Group is a reputed service provider of swimming pool pumps.
Below mentioned are some of the top services that we offer in the UAE:

  • Inspecting the power supply and cable
  • Removing clogged filters
  • Leakage testing
  • Cleaning the air coils
  • Cleaning debris in the unit
  • Repairing broken parts

Swimming pool heat and pumps need high-quality servicing to maintain their working efficiency.
There are four basic reasons why maintenance services are essential:

  • To enhance the lifespan of the pumps
  • Maintain proper airflow
  • Prevent buildup or accumulation of debris
  • To prevent water from getting inside the unit’s internals as it can lead to flooding

For quick response and best price, kindly email [email protected] or message on WhatsApp +971 503 034 002. Kindly note, price won’t be disclosed on normal call.

Why should you get maintenance services from Ghosh Group?

Ghosh Group has a brand value in the Middle Eastern market for being a reputed provider of swimming pool pump repair in the UAE. Besides this, there are several other reasons to choose us.

  • Our technicians with 15 years of experience are certified in this domain
  • The repair and maintenance services are done as per the manufacturer’s instructions
  • We provide discounts on annual maintenance contracts of these heat pumps

What kind of swimming pool pump repair services are you looking for?

Let us know in detail and send it to us at [email protected] from your registered email ID.
You can also schedule your appointment with our experts in the following ways:

  • WhatsApp us at +971 503 034 002
  • Talk to our experts and explain to them your problems
  • Schedule an appointment with our experts
  • Get all your problems solved by our licensed experts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes. Swimming pool pumps need to be repaired once a year at least. That’s because pool pumps work throughout the year and it comes with a specified lifespan. Getting maintenance services is often recommended to ensure that your pool pumps are in pristine condition. And if you are planning to replace individual parts, note that the cost will be high and also there won’t be any warranty for the individual parts.

The cost of repairing a pool pump will depend on a number of factors like the kind of repair and maintenance services you need and your location.
Yes, swimming pool pumps can be repaired if brought to notice in the initial stage.
Some of the repair services that we provide include:

  • Leakage testing
  • Water discharging in water system and water pumps
  • Cleaning the air coils
  • Inspecting the power supply and cable
  • Removing clogged filters
  • Cleaning debris in the unit
  • Repairing broken parts
You’ll be able to see a number of symptoms and warning signs in your swimming pool pump such as rumbling sounds due to excessive pump vibration, screeching sounds, obsolete/outdated parts, spitting water, and blowing bubbles. You should immediately bring this to our notice to get the best out of your machines in the long run. You can schedule your appointment with us and get your pumps repaired.
The life expectancy of pool pumps varies anywhere between 8 to 12 years. You shouldn’t need any kind of replacement before this. However, the longevity of your pumps depends on a lot of factors like the size of the pump, maintenance, etc.