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Sandwich Panels are excellent cladding solutions used for roofs and walls. These panels are made out of metal sheets consisting of three layers- the two outer layers and the middle layer consisting of insulated rigid foam. It can be Polyurethane (PU), Polyisocyanurate (PIR), or Rockwool. All the three layers are composed together into one delivering a high level of performance due to their combined structure. Insulated panels are also used for partitions, ceilings, and fire-resisting compartment walls.

We supply Dubai Civil Defence (DCD) approved sandwich panels all over UAE | Oman (Salalah, Muscat, Sohar, Nizwa, Barka, Ibri) | Saudi (Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Jubail) | Iraq | Kuwait | Bahrain | Sri Lanka.

Specifications of Sandwich Panels | PU Foam Sandwich Panel

In this, we’ll cover all the technical details of Ghosh Group Sandwich Panels.

Surface Finish types

Ghosh Group manufactures two different kinds of sandwich panels based on surface finish types:

  • Flat panels- For walls
  • Corrugated panels

Profile Drawing details of the Top & Bottom skin

Top skin:
35/200mm and 45/250mm

Bottom skin:
Low rib sheets (available in mill finish/pre-painted/color-coated form)

Profiles available:
All these sheets are available in different profile types and choices based on the customer requirements like- galvanized mill finish, galvanized pre-painted, aluminium foil, AluZinc, colour coated aluminium, mill finish aluminium, aluminium polyester-coated, GI polyester-coated, GI PVDF coated, aluminium PVDF coated, AluZinc PVDF, and polyester-coated alloy steel.

Technical Details of the Outer sheets

Profile sheet thickness for the two outer sheets:
0.40mm to 0.90mm

Covering width:

As per customer requirements


A3105, A3003, A1100, A1050 available in Prep-painted/Mill Finish/Color coated form

Galvanized Steel Coil:
This is as per ASTM A653 with zinc coating G60 to G90 i.e. 180GSM to 275 GSM

As per ASTM A653 with zinc coating Z80 to Z220

Surface Coating specifications

Our sandwich panels can be coated with different Polymer coatings. Polyester is our standard coating; however, we can also provide PUPA and PVDF on customer request.

For the galvanized top sheets, we offer 5 micron primer + 20 micron paint and the bottom coating is 5 micron primer + 7 micron paint.

For AluZinc, the top paint is 5 micron primer + 20 micron paint and the bottom coat is 5 micron primer + 7 micron paint.

PU Foam thickness dimensions

PU thickness:
It varies between 30mm to 150mm (Standard thickness- 100mm, 75mm, and 50mm). Here, we also would like to add that we are one of the few sandwich panel suppliers & manufacturer in UAE offering the thinnest sandwich panel dimensions i.e. 25mm and 26mm sandwich panels.

Foam core used:
Polyurethane (B2/B3), Polyisocyanurate (PIR), and Rockwool.

PU Density:
35 to 38kg

List of RAL colors that we provide

We have a wide range of RAL color systems to choose from.

RAL 7037 – Grey
RAL 1014 – Light Beige
RAL 1015 – Ivory
RAL 9002 – Off White
RAL 1001 – Beige
RAL 2004 – Orange
RAL 7015 – Grey
RAL 7036 – Grey
RAL 5012 – Light Blue
RAL 5010 – Dark Blue
RAL 5002 – EMMAR Blue,
RAL 7046 – Dark Grey
RAL 9003 – White
RAL 9010 – Pure White
RAL 3002 – RED
RAL 3020 – RED
RAL 6038 – Green
RAL 6029 – Light Green and other color choices

**Key Note**
All our sandwich panels can be customized based on your individual requirements. We would kindly request you to check out the specifications carefully.

Sandwich panels are also known as the Insulated panels, Composite panels, Sandwich roofs, Sandwich Walls, Tiles Sandwich, PIR Sandwich Panel, PUR Sandwich panels, Double Skin Panels, and Single sheet sandwich panels.

The core used in between the two metal sheets keeps both the ends of the panels in the right position, offers insulation, stands firm against shear forces and at the same time, these panels provide durability, resists harsh Middle East conditions, and withstands resist-in plane tension forces and compression.

Ghosh Group is one of the reputed sandwich panel suppliers & manufacturer in the UAE. We have a special factory in Umm Al Quwain (UMQ) where we manufacture these panels. Recently, our PIR sandwich panels have been accredited and approved by the Dubai Civil Defence (DCD), so our panels are a perfect choice for fire-rated applications.

Key features of Ghosh group sandwich panels

Our sandwich panels are chosen all over in the UAE because of the incredible advantages that we offer.

Here’s what you can expect from our quality sandwich panels:

  • Rapid Installation
  • Rigidity
  • Fire and thermal insulation
  • Affordability and Durability
  • Low maintenance
  • High resistance to severe weather conditions
  • Low capital cost
  • Dimensional stability
  • Flexibility
  • Chemical resistant

Applications of sandwich panels

Insulated panels find applications in different industrial sectors for various reasons.

The building types that mainly feature these panels include:

  • Cold storages
  • Processing plants
  • Industrial buildings
  • Sports facilities
  • Clean rooms
  • Transport buildings
  • Schools
  • Shopping malls
  • Clean rooms

Location we supply sandwich panels

Our sandwich panels are delivered all over in the UAE, Oman (Muscat, Salalah, Sohar, Nizwa, and Ibri), Saudi, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Yemen, and Sri Lanka.

In local market – Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al-Khaimah, Al’Ain, Fujairah, we are known as one of the best sandwich panel / PU sandwich panel supplier & manufacturer.

We have built a solid reputation not only for being the quality manufacturers but also for providing doorstep delivery, competitive prices, and expert advice.

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