At Ghosh Group, we offer water chillers for both domestic and industrial purposes. Our chillers have been robustly designed using high-end raw materials to ensure longevity and 100% efficient performance. As the leading water chiller supplier in UAE, we are committed to providing premium quality products.

Middle Eastern countries have an adverse temperature, which necessities different segments and industries to opt for water chillers. With powerful controls and superb efficiency, our chillers are available in different types and capacities. Probably that’s what makes us one of the leading suppliers in the UAE. Our innovative water tank cooling systems have been precision-designed for reliable cooling solutions across myriad applications.

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Ghosh Group: Your one-stop destination for all water treatment needs

We are a diversified company based in UAE having 9 years of experience in the water treatment industry. We take pride in being one of the top choices among our customers for successfully providing top-notch products and water chiller maintenance services across multiple esteemed organizations. FMCG industry, Chemical, Medical, Laboratory and Pharmaceutical industry, Construction and Repair industries are some of the examples of the industrial kinds we cater to.

We offer two different types of water chiller- Industrial and Domestic Water Chillers

Industrial Water Chillers

Industrial water tank chillers are in high demand in the UAE market. They are used for maintaining the efficiency of the machines.

Machines are like a human body – it needs rest and time to cool. Or else, it won’t serve you with 100% efficiency. Hence, it’s a brilliant idea to get a water chiller for your machines. Versatility is the main USP of our product – it means you can customize the tonnage requirements as you desire. We manufacture various tank capacities – 5 tons, 7.5 tons, 20 tons, 30 tons, 40 tons, and so on.

Our chillers can also be used for HVAC systems and can be operated at a temperature ranging between 35 ° Celsius and 52 ° Celsius. What’s more? Our water chiller units are designed with the most advanced functionality to make it user-friendly – some of them include quality compressors, titanium heat exchanger, internal and external protection to the compressor to enhance longevity, etc.

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Domestic Water Chillers

Having a water chiller during scorching summers is an ideal choice. The overhead tanks become too hot during the summer months. Our compact designed water tank cooling system features a titanium heat exchanger to prevent corrosion and perform with 100% efficiency. Moreover, it can cool more than 1800 gallons of water when set at the required temperature. It comes with an automated switch mechanism that can turn off as soon as the desired temperature is achieved.

Hospitals, mosques, resorts, apartments, villas, gyms, offices, schools, supermarkets, plunge pools, are some of the applications where our water chillers can be used. The incredible features include automated systems, space-friendly, modern designs, easy installation, a 5-year compressor warranty, and a one-year extended warranty on manufacturing errors.

Clients can avail the best competitive rates directly from us.

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Repair and Maintenance Services

At Ghosh Group, we also provide professional maintenance and repair services for both types of water chillers. Maintenance is an integral aspect that every chiller owner should consider.

Unless they are taken good care of, it’s impossible to make them function with 100% efficacy. Hence, one should get maintenance and inspection services from our professionals. It’s better not to take up these services on your own as these are technical jobs requiring professional hands.

At Ghosh Group, we have an excellent team to carry out all the maintenance tasks.
We offer repair and maintenance services for the following parts:

  • Water chiller compressor
  • Water chiller condenser
  • Water chiller evaporator

Moreover, we also carry out some of the other procedures which are integral aspects of repair and maintenance services.

  • Leak testing services
  • Chiller water treatment services

With the best water chiller price and EXPERT GUIDANCE, we will provide you with the finest support so that your water chillers are maintained in pristine condition and deliver optimum results.

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Locations we serve

As the leading water chiller supplier in UAE, we provide both delivery and maintenance services within and outside the UAE. Besides delivering in our local region, we also cater to our clients in Oman (Salalah, Muscat, Sohar, Nizwa, Ibri, and Barka), Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan, and Yemen.

We provide DOORSTEP DELIVERY to the locations mentioned above.

Contact us for buying water chillers in UAE

If you’re interested in buying water chillers from us, please send us the following details at [email protected] – Product name, specifications, and the order quantity. This will help us frame a valid price quote for you.

And if you want repair and maintenance services, you have to contact us in the following way:

  • Call/WhatsApp us at +971 503 034 002
  • Talk to our experts and inform the problems that you’re facing
  • Schedule a visit with us at your convenience
  • Sort out all the issues by our licensed experts

Our customer care team is highly responsive, so you can expect prompt replies from us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Water chillers are used for transferring heat from the water to the external environment through a heat exchanger. During summers when overhead tanks become extremely hot, it becomes imperative to have a water chiller to cool the water below ambient temperature.
The water chiller price will depend on several factors like the kind of model you’re choosing, tonnage capacity. From a general perspective, there is no standard rate for water chillers. Each model is designed to suit different work areas. And hence, the price will vary accordingly.
HVAC systems are meant for personal use and are usually used inside homes, offices, schools, malls, and similar places. The units differ in terms of practical use and size. On the other hand, water tank chillers are in particular used for manufacturing units and commercial purposes. Their job is to cool down the working machine to prevent overheating and malfunctioning.
As every working environment is different, it’s important to choose the ideal water chiller units. Here mentioned are some of the best tips that you need to consider when buying a water chiller for your application:

  • Understand the heat load of your application
  • Determine the temperature, coolant type, and the flow rate
  • Identify the installation environment
  • Check the functions that you’ll need- control options, power mechanisms, the heat exchanger material, warranty, etc.